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The History of Brebbia Pipes and Brebbia Model List

-below the article is a list of popular lines that Brebbia carries (click on the sample thumbnail images for larger images)
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   What many pipe smokers may not realize is that Brebbia pipes are a part of a storied history Brebbia Cambridge Pipewhich coincides with the origins of the Savinelli pipe. The founder of Brebbia was Enea Buzzi, who, in 1947 teamed with Carlo Savinelli's son, Achille (Enea's Cousin), to make high quality pipes for the famed Savinelli Shop in Milan, Italy. They specialized in high quality pipes at a very reasonable price and became very successful. Enea administered over the production of the pipes while Achille supervised sales of the pipes worldwide.

   However, in 1953, Enea and Achille decided to go in different directions. Although, until Savinelli was able to set up their new plant and proceed with their operation separately, Enea was producing both Savinelli brand pipes and Brebbia trademark MPB(Manifatture Pipe Brebbia) pipes until the split was finalized in 1956. The MPB logo was eventually
Brebbia Junior Sandblast replaced, in 1976, by the new Brebbia Sabbiata Nera'Pipe Brebbia' logo. Brebbia decided, following World War II, to take a bolder, riskier move by making pipes which are of high quality and affordable. During this time, most pipes were very cheap and not geared towards aesthetics. This move proved to cement Brebbia's success and strong reputation up to present times.

   Today, Enea's son, Luciano, runs the
Brebbia Pura Apple very successful Pipe Brebbia operation. Their philosophy of pipemaking includes ageing briar for at least a year from purchase while applying heat and humidity to the briar to allow the wood to dry slowly from the inside out. After a block of briar is cut, it is dried an additional six month before staining. Brebbia, during the past 15 years has created several Brebbia Golden Naturalpopular lines of pipes, much revered by collectors worldwide. One in the Jubilee pipe, which was introduced in 1992 and continued until 1998, when Brebbia celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Also, Brebbia's unique and very collectible Calabash shape is an innovative design combining the best attributes of the classical Sherlock Holmes style Calabash and theBrebbia Lido carved Dublin shape along with a hint of the Horn shape in the curvature of the shank. Not only that, but Brebbia has been responsible for a number of innovations throughout their sixty year history by adding a bowl cap to their pipe designs to keep out rain while letting in smoke as well as a Brebbia Nocesmoke dispersal device which is engineered into the mouthpiece which allows smoke to be spread evenly throughout the mouth. The Brebbia pipe comes in an extraordinary array of shapes and series.

***An alphabetical listing of models is given below (click on any thumbnail to view the larger size image; also click on item 'for sale' listings to view detailed information on those pipes)***:

2006 Steve Monjure Designer Pipe (Red Rusticated; w/ Tamper & Magnetized Base) - SRP 295.00

Brebbia Avanti Noce
(Pipe Shown Above Is For Sale)
Avanti Noce (Smooth Dark; Etched; Various Shapes) - SRP 95.00

Brebbia Avanti Natural 602 Apple
Brebbia Avanti Noce 602 Bent Apple
Brebbia Avanti Noce 301 Apple
Brebbia Avanti Noce 8310 Billiard

Cambridge (Smooth Red) - SRP 95.00
Cappuccio Sabbiata Sandblast (Tan/Black Sandblast w/ Silver Cap) - SRP 85.00
Cappuccio Smooth (Smooth Brown w/ silver cap) - SRP 95.00

Cellini Rocciata (Rusticated; Various Shapes) - SRP 85.00

Brebbia Collection Smooth
(Pipe Shown Above Is For Sale)
Collection (Smooth; Various Shapes)

Brebbia Collection LP

Crystal Smooth Walnut (various shapes) - SRP 125.00

Brebbia Duke Pipe
(Smooth or Rusticated; tan/orange finish)

Brebbia First Plum Rocciata
First Rocciata
(Rusticated Tan or Plum) - SRP 145.00

Brebbia First Calabash
(Pipe Shown Above Is For Sale)
First Calabash Rocciata (Medium-to-Large, Rusticated, Tan or Plum) - SRP 185.00

Brebbia First Rustic Calabash with Silver

Brebbia Gala Argento
Gala Argento Smooth
(Straight Grain with Silver Mount) - SRP 95.00

Go-Go Smooth (Compact; Pocket size) - SRP 39.50
Go-Go Sandblast (Compact; Pocket size) - SRP 29.50
Golden Natural (Straight or Cross Grain) - SRP 95.00

Brebbia Jumbo Sabbiata
(Pipe Shown Above Is For Sale)
Jumbo Sabbiata(Sandblast)
Brebbia Jumbo Sabbiata Dublin
Brebbia Jumbo Sabbiata Billiard

Brebbia Junior Sandblast Bent Pot
Junior Sandblast (Tanshell) - SRP 95.00

Brebbia Junior Sandblast Bent Billiard
Brebbia Junior Sandblast Bent Pot

Brebbia Lectura Churchwarden
Lectura Churchwarden (Smooth; Rusticated)
Brebbia Lectura Churchwarden

Lido Rustic Tan-or-Black (carved lines/waves) - SRP 95.00

Brebbia Lord Billiard
Lord Orange Smooth & Sandblast (various shapes) - SRP 75.00

Brebbia Lord Plum Sandblast Billiard

Brebbia Linea A - AA
Linea Grade A-through-AAA (grade A-'AA' pictured above; Straight Grain; Very Light Finish) - SRP 395.00-595.00

Brebbia MPB Smooth
(Pipe Shown Above Is For Sale)
MPB Smooth or Sandblast (MPB logo on stem) - SRP 125.00-145.00

Brebbia M.P.B. Noce

Brebbia Naif Rocciata
Naif Rustic
-or-Sandblast("Sabbiata")-(Freehand Danish) - SRP 95.00
Brebbia Naif Sabbiata

Ninja Sabbiata (Tan/Black Sandblast) -  SRP 85.00

Stand Up Noce
Noce (Dark Plum Smooth; "Stand Up" series balances on level surface) - SRP 85.00

Brebbia Oom-Paul Rustic
Oom-Paul Rustic w/ Briar Cap (Full Bent with cap and chain attached) - SRP 185.00
Brebbia Oom-Paul Rustic
**The pipe shown above has been sold**  Email us to inquire about future availability of this pipe.

Brebbia Pura Canadian
(Pipe Shown Above Is For Sale)
Pura Smooth Medium-Brown (no pits or fills; hand carved) - SRP 145.00

Brebbia Pura Canadian
Brebbia Pura Smooth Dublin #2
Brebbia Pura Smooth Canadian #2
Brebbia Pura Smooth Dublin #3
Brebbia Pura Smooth Dublin #4

Brebbia Rocciata Billiard

Brebbia Rocciata Tan Bent Billiard
(Pipe Shown Directly Above Is For Sale)

Rocciata Tan-or-Black (various shapes) - SRP 85.00
Brebbia Rocciata Billiard

Rolex Sabbiata (Pocket Pipe; Black Sandblast) - SRP 39.95
Sabbiata Nera (Black Sandblast) - SRP 85.00

Brebbia SX smooth
(Smooth; Light-to-Natural Finish)

Brebbia Twin Rustic (two stems)
(Pipe Shown Above Is For Sale)
Twin Brown/Black/Natural Rustic (two-piece stem) - SRP 125.00
Brebbia Twin Bent - stem and extension
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